Little steps….that’s what it will take for me to get my food buying addiction under control.  My first “little step” came earlier today when out on an errand which placed me within touching distance from a Trader Joe’s store.  I completed my errand, and try as I might, I could not come up with any viable excuse for stepping foot into Trader Joe’s.  Was I out of parsley? No.  Did I have enough eggs?  Yes.  Another deterrent was the fact that there was a line of cars attempting to enter the parking lot which could only mean that the store was extremely crowded with people which is an instant turn-off even for someone with as strong an addiction to buying food as I have.

Brunch today was a Spanish tortilla (egg omelet to those not familiar with Tortilla’s in Spain)  The classic is egg, thinly sliced potato first cooked/softened in the skillet with olive oil, then added to a bowl with the scrambled egg. The potatoes sit in the raw scrambled egg mixture for at least 30 minutes.  Season to taste with sea salt and black pepper and then just pour the mixture into a heated skillet (the same skillet the potatoes were cooked in) with the remaining olive oil in the skillet, or add a tablespoon or two if necessary.  Cook over a low heat (high heat is the reason eggs get rubbery) until set around the edges.  Turn on your broiler (called a ‘grill’ by the British and others) and place the pan a few inches from the heat source until the liquid-y egg on top has cooked.  Not a very Spanish thing to do, but I sometimes sprinkle on some grated parmigiano before placing the pan under the broiler (or grill).

Although I mainly use heavy-duty stainless steel cookware (okay, All-Clad Metalcrafters is my favorite stainless steel cookware) I do sometimes cook with a non-stick pan for making Tortilla or regular omelets.  I’ve been using a pan called “Green-Pan” developed in Europe where it has been selling for years. Take a look at their website and if you decide to try it, it is selling at Crate & Barrel stores and a less expensive version with the same non-toxic nonstick technology (Thermolon) is being sold with the endorsement of Chef Todd English on the Home Shopping Network.

Already planning our late afternoon/early evening foods.  Today is the playoff game for the AFC football league to determine if the New York Jets get into the Super Bowl.   In my most recent food buying addiction, I had this meal vaguely planned out in my head – I would need chicken wings (Murray’s chicken which sells the wings separately – raised without antibiotics in So. Fallsburg, NY) which I would make in a local Hawaiian style which we used to love to eat when we lived in Honolulu.  Served with short grain rice, a staple in Honolulu and otherwise local Hawaiian style foods,  and macaroni salad.  You will read more about why macaroni salad is part of a local Hawaiian style meal called a “plate lunch” at some other time – or you can just ‘google’ it.  All of the ingredients in my pantry to complete this meal were already on hand.

So what else did I buy to spend an additional $80 on the day I had my revelation?  Oh yes,  I know… name is Ann and I’m a food-a-holic.