Day three of my revelation on being  food-a-holic and I’m now thinking that another “little step” I am going to take is to  “shop for food” in my own freezer and refrigerator and dry pantry.

Today’s dinner will be a chicken dish – using half of an organic chicken from D’Artagnan – it’s the most delicious chicken we’ve ever eaten – I’m working on an article about the company and their organic chicken which will be published on my website soon.    If you’re not familiar with this company, take a look at their website.  If you have an upscale food store where you live….D’Artagnan products including their organic chicken should be sold there.  Buy one.  Cut it in half lengthwise if you are cooking for one or two people.  Freeze the other half for another meal.

I’m on an Awards Committee for a culinary organization I belong to judging a cookbook category for the organization’s annual cookbook awards.  I’ve been testing recipes from the finalists’ books and tonight will be another recipe test from one of the books which is a chicken recipe.   Perfect timing for me to use one of the halves of  D’Artagnan organic chicken from my freezer.  I’ll be able to comment more on the cookbook awards after the winners are announced which will be in late April 2010.   I’ve already said too much admitting that I am one of the judges!  Shhh…don’t tell anyone.

So my hope is that I will be able to “shop” from my freezer, refrigerator and pantry for our dinners and we’ll see how that goes.  Of course I will have to shop for fresh vegetables, dairy, etc. and the test for me will be to make a list of what I need to buy and get out of the food store as quickly as I can so I am not tempted to buy foods we don’t have room for!

Let’s see how that goes…