Nice to know I haven’t lost my innate ability to improve on a dish I’ve cooked for years – if I do say so myself, the Chicken Paprikas I made last night was superb and my husband concurred.  I was in a singularly focused mood while I was prepping the ingredients and then cooking them.   Being focused on a task is a good thing – especially when it comes to cooking.  Not being focused  is the main reason why people say they “can’t cook”
anything.  That and the fact that people who say they can’t cook don’t have a sufficiently filled pantry.  There were only two elements of the dish that I did differently this time – one was that I had chicken fat from the D’Artagnan organic chicken that I rendered first and normally I would use a vegetable oil to saute the onion.  Second, I used a Greek style 0% fat yogurt by Fage Total yogurt instead of a full fat sour cream.   Using chicken fat and 0% fat yogurt cancelled each other out so there was no guilt about the fat content of the dish.

As soon as I figure out how to post a photograph to this page, I will do so.

Now, about today and my “withdrawal symptoms”.  I was able to stick to my short food shopping list of yesterday, substituting the yogurt for the sour cream, unable to find fresh dill in my local food store so I would use dried dill already in my pantry.   But therein may be my problem of feeling withdrawal symptoms…from actually sticking to my shopping list and not buying any additional foods!  Could that be?  I’m pretty sure that’s the cause of my unsettling and anxious feelings today.   I will try to control the urge to go out to the store and buy something until I actually need it.

Dinner tonight will be prepared by someone else – not something we do very often, but this being my husband’s birthday we will celebrate at a new steak-style restaurant in our Queens neighborhood.  We’ll walk to the restaurant this evening, but in doing so, I can’t avoid passing by at least two food stores.  Will there be temptation to go in and buy something?

If the restaurant experience is a good one, I’ll mention it – but if not, I won’t.  I’m not into “negative reviewing”.