Plans are made to be changed….and indeed, today’s plan for roasting the 1/2 turkey has been postponed until Sunday.  Details of why my plans were changed are not interesting enough to blog about, unlike some  inane blogs I’ve read!  So I went freezer shopping again this afternoon.  I found the perfect meal, already cooked and just waiting to be defrosted and reheated to perfection.  Braised short ribs in red wine sauce.  This is the reason I love to braise dishes with ingredients to serve at least four, maybe six people.  I can freeze the remaining portions for future meals.  Braised and stewed dishes freeze extremely well, as long as you use plastic containers or bags suitable for freezing which will help is keeping frost away from the food which depletes it of flavor.  Refrigerator shopping was easy also; a bunch of Broccoli Rabe which is simply blanched in boiling salted water for a few minutes, drained well and then just before you’re ready to serve, saute sliced garlic, a pinch of red pepper flakes in a dollop of good olive oil and reheat the broccoli rabe until heated through and serve.  Soft Polenta was our choice of starch as it goes extremely well with braised food with a sauce.  The package of polenta I always have on hand in my pantry is an organic brand from Argentina.  Look for it at Whole Foods Market or other upscale food stores.  It cooks quickly, although it is not an instant polenta.  It is ground very finely and therefore cooks quickly.  Cooked in chicken stock, gives the polenta a delicious taste, but the lump of salted Irish butter and two tablespoons of grated parmesan cheese also added to the flavor of this polenta.

My food shopping from the freezer, refrigerator and pantry is proving to be working very well.  Although my freezer still looks just as full as it ever did.  Maybe the rack of fresh pork that my sister gave me today has something to do with re-filling the freezer.  And oh yes, she bought us a ficelle of delicious bread, a new pita shaped bread that is more delicious than any pita I’ve ever tasted, and various other specialty foods that have now re-filled my pantry.

Could being a food-a-holic be in our DNA?  Something to think about.