Do you ever wonder what path your life would have taken without the current technology, i.e. computers/websites/blogs etc.?  I wonder where my lifes’ journey would have taken me had I not developed my website?  I do know that I would not have had to go through six hours of being on the telephone and “chatting” online with so-called help desks to determine why my website was down since yesterday!  After speaking with four or was it five agents,  I am hopeful that the last person I spoke with will actually be able to get something done so I can publish new pages of information to my website.

I digress from the purpose of this blog…

Ah yes – food buying addiction – that’s the problem we are exploring here.  Well, I can truly say that today there was not even an inkling of desire to go out and buy food.  I was otherwise being held captive by my computer and telephone.  Yesterday, February 1, I did not write any updates to these pages but I will tell you that I did buy some foods – mainly produce, with the exception of a store-made hummus and bean spread.  There is a Russian enclave in a part of Queens, NY near where we live that has the most interesting stores.  There are three produce stores and several Russian/European style meat/deli type stores, all owned/operated by Russia/Jewish immigrants.  The produce is much less expensive than any supermarkets in the area, and the meat/deli type stores carry foods that can only be found in these types of ethnic shops.   The store that sells their own hummus, bean spread and other foods is called Carmel – no website to send you to – but what a delicious hummus they make!  The bean dip is also delicious.  Lots of nuts, olives, and assorted cheeses and some baked goods.

My purchase from the produce store consisted of parsley, cilantro (2 bunches for $1.00) Gala apples, scallions.  Every item was a necessity, not an impulse buy.  Oh wait, the raspberry filled Russian style Rugelach somehow made it into the shopping basket.  Okay, so I fell off the wagon so to speak.  But I’ve only eaten 3 of them so I’m giving myself credit for a little self control.

Dinner yesterday was the marinated 1/2 turkey with the Puerto Rican style marinade (garlic, S&P, oregano, vinegar, olive oil) was delicious.  I used orzo to make the Yellow Rice recipe from just to see if orzo would substitute for rice…and it did.  Haricots Verts (thin French green beans) were a good accompaniment.  I “shopped” this meal directly from my refrigerator and pantry.

Tonight will be a re-do of the turkey, a new rice side dish and Brussels Sprouts – either roasted or sauteed, all shopped from my refrigerator and pantry.