For the past few days I have been in a cyber-world nightmare with my website not being accessible due to some mishaps at the web hosting company.  But all is back to normal – albeit with a NEW hosting company.  Not having my website available for the World Wide Web to find and access was very stressful indeed.  That may be the reason why I fell off the wagon, so to speak, and went into the city to buy fish for dinner this past Tuesday.  My favorite place to buy fish is at Citerella’s – 9th Street and 6th Avenue, formerly the location of the now defunct Balducci’s.   I knew I was in trouble when I entered the store and I didn’t go directly to the fish department.  Needless to say, and $100.00 later, I left the store laden down with goodies, and yes, I did buy fish; red snapper fillets and a cod fillet.

Dinner was so easy and so very delicious.  Red Snapper fillets, dipped in beaten egg, then in seasoned flour and back into the egg – sauteed in a mixture of canola oil and butter.  Capers added to the pan for the last 5 minutes of cooking time.  The refrigerated pasta (linguine) from Citerella’s was 16 oz. but I only used half and tossed it with their own brand name Vodka sauce.   Dinner took no more than 30 minutes to prepare.  So don’t tell me you don’t have time to cook dinner!

There is a winter storm on its way north towards NYC.  It has already hit Baltimore and Washington DC as I write this and we should be seeing snow during the early hours of Saturday.   I like many other New Yorkers made a trip to the store, yes, to buy more food, as we can’t be found to be food-less with a snow storm about to descend upon us!  As it is also Super Bowl Sunday this weekend, I bought ingredients to make a homemade barbecue sauce and baby back ribs (not really spare ribs but baby back ribs are delicious) and cook them in my latest kitchen-toy….a slow cooker.

This one is made by All-Clad Metalcrafters – a premier cookware company who has gone into the business of selling small electric appliances.  It’s a beautifully designed slow cooker, not your Grandmother’s Crock Pot(tm) which is a trademark of the company Rival which you may know.  But all other new “crock pots” are called “slow cookers.”   On Thursday afternoon when I returned from a non-food buying trip to the city, I made a recipe from the booklet enclosed with the slow cooker – chicken with lemon and green olives.  I could tell from the list of ingredients that it was going to be delicious and the fact that I was using my favorite organic chicken by D’Artagnan, meant that it would be a no-brainer winner.  I had bought baby Brussels Sprouts from Holland at Citerella’s on Tuesday and I had a package of Gnocchetti – baby size potato gnocchi already in the pantry.  After browning the chicken pieces, the slow cooker took just 2 hours on High.

To bring this blog up-to-date, here we are on Friday, February 6, 2010.   As I previously said, New Yorkers rush to the stores to stock up on everything when news of a winter storm approaching reaches us…I did my part and in addition to buying foods for Super Bowl Sunday, I decided to make my favorite combo of white clam sauce and linguine and a breaded thin pork cutlet garnished with lemon slices and capers.  I love littleneck clams and there were two packages just waiting for me in the fish department.  After scrubbing and cleaning the outside shells, I cooked them in a mixture of white wine and water in a covered 3 qt. saute pan over medium heat.  As soon as the clams opened (and they all opened) I took them out of the liquid they had produced, to allow them to cool.  I let the liquid settle and then strained some of the liquid into a measuring cup to use as part of the clam sauce.  I froze a dozen of the cooked clams to use another time to make Clams Casino or add them to a seafood stew.

That’s all the food news from this blog for today.  I feel as if I have accomplished something by bringing these writings up to date.