All of the hoopla on TV and radio about the storm heading for us in NYC was slightly overblown…at least for NYC.  Other areas in the path of the storm did get a bunch of snow (Washington, DC, Maryland, etc.)  Staten Island and parts of southern Brooklyn which are in the southern-most areas of the five  NYC boroughs got a bunch of snow but Mother Nature looked kindly on the other boroughs of Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx and the more northern parts of  Brooklyn and we, in Queens, Manhattan and The Bronx escaped her wrath.  Mahalo Mother Nature!

Guess what?  NO food shopping today at all…must be a first for me not to have  bought something edible…..oh wait….I actually forgot….I stopped at the bagel shop around the corner and bought 4 whole wheat bagels, baked salmon spread, whitefish salad spread, cream cheese, a black & white cookie (if you have to ask you’ve never been to NYC) .  But that’s not really buying food…it was for a “nosh”….New York style snacking, or maybe lunch.  Okay, okay, I give up.  I did buy food today and I am a food-a-holic.   All of this truth telling is driving me to finish the bottle of wine we had with dinner.

Dinner was “shopped” from the refrigerator and pantry.  So there.  The fact that I bought the fixings for dinner yesterday is beside the point.

One of my favorite meals that I cooked this evening is a rib veal chop Milanese….breaded, fried in olive oil and topped with a mixture of salad greens.  The topping can vary from a simple combination of arugula and diced tomato dressed with oil and red wine vinegar and s & p, to a more complex combination of mixed greens, scallions, diced tomato, diced celery, also dressed with olive oil and red wine vinegar and s & p.  The breaded veal chop is sauteed in a few tablespoons of olive oil until browned and crisp; the chilled prepared salad topping is then portioned out over the hot breaded veal chop and served immediately.  Your first bite and taste sensation of the hot breaded veal chop along with the chilled salad topping is an experience that you just have have yourself.  Trust me.  It’s amazing.

No dessert planned today…we’ll finish the wine, maybe a piece of 60% cacao chocolate, and that will be sufficient.

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday – the plan is to use my new slow cooker from All-Clad Metalcrafters to make baby back ribs in a home made barbecue sauce…cole slaw with carrot and scallion julienne, dressed in my favorite cole slaw dressing….Newman’s Own Ranch Dressing!