The winter storm has blown out into the Atlantic ocean – and I still don’t understand why we were spared the brunt of the storm, but I’m glad for it.  No delays in store Monday morning for my 2-day visit to Atlanta, Georgia for an “executive committee meeting” of IACP – a culinary organization.  We are meeting to select “cook book of the year” out of  all the winners in various categories of the cook book awards given out by IACP every year.   I’ve been judging the cook book awards in various categories for two years now, and I really enjoy the task.  I can’t reveal which category I judged, nor any of the details as to the winners until they are formally announced during the IACP Annual Conference which will be held in Portland, Oregon in late April.

So today was all reading the Sunday Times, packing for my short 2-day trip, and I made barbecued baby back ribs in the All-Clad slow cooker.  The homemade barbecue sauce recipe was good – but as the baby back ribs were really being stewed or braised, the meat of course fell off the bones.  The taste was fantastic, served over medium grain rice and I made cole slaw and corn bread as side dishes.  Here’s an easy trick to delicious cole slaw….shred cabbage thinly, sprinkle with salt & pepper, shred raw carrot and thinly slice several scalllions using both the white and green parts and then toss with Newman’s Own Ranch Dressing.   Easy and delicious.

I won’t be blogging for the next two days, nor will I be cooking any meals, or for that matter, fighting my obsession with buying food!  But if there is a food store anywhere near the hotel or IACP headquarters, you can be sure I’ll make a visit.

About the Super Bowl….I wish one year they would show an entire game of all four Quarters of play without jumping to a commercial at every opportunity.  Then after each Quarter of play, they can show as many commercials as they can before the next Quarter begins.  Or, why can’t they just put a commercial crawl at the bottom or top of the screen during the game and do away with having to break away for commercials?

Back to my obsession on Wednesday, February 10.