Still in recovery mode, but had to travel into the city (Manhattan) for an appointment.  I knew I was not fully recovered, because I came straight home and did not detour to any food stores.  I had all of the ingredients necessary for what I was planning for dinner which had been purchased over the weekend, so I was calm and collected and not panicking about food shopping and all I wanted to do was get back home.  Pouring rain, cold wind and dreary skies also contributed to my rush to return to my nest.  I’m always thankful to Mother Nature when she sends me rain instead of snow in February.

When I came home I put together a mushroom/leek soup with parsley dumplings that was in the February Bon Appetit magazine.  I knew from the first read of the recipe that it would be delicious.   A homemade soup is usually our Sunday evening meal – but this past Sunday, I was still feeling weakened by those nasty germs and didn’t feel like making this soup, so we had a cold plate of pate, cheese, bread and apple slices (shopped from the refrigerator)  so Tuesday evening was soup night!   My husband must have said “this is delicious” about 4 times while we were eating.  Even more times than usual as he is very vocal about how much he likes something I have cooked.  My biggest fan.

There was only one thing about the recipe that drove me crazy when I read it – that was the unnecessary extra steps described in the method of how to put the soup together.  I made the soup portion of the recipe all in one soup pot.   Also, the recipe for the parsley dumplings can all be made in the bowl of a food processor – just don’t over process the dough.  But no argument from me about the taste of the soup and dumplings.  I highly recommend trying it.