Remember that line from a TV commercial back in the 70s?  I can’t remember the product in the commercial, but the saying reverberates in my mind today in that we are being snowed on by two storms in the northeast region and someone must have “fooled” or ticked off Mother Nature again.  If you are like my friends in Honolulu, you grin and chuckle when you watch the TV news showing those poor slobs shoveling snow on the Mainland.   Living in an apartment in NYC allows me the comfort of having someone else do the shoveling for me.

If there ever was a day when I needed to shop from my refrigerator/freezer/pantry and not have to step outside to go shopping, today is it.  I made a Thai minced pork recipe that is served in a lettuce leaf – Boston style lettuce – or if you live in Honolulu, it’s Manoa Lettuce with a similar texture and bowl shaped leaves.  Found the recipe in a food magazine – can’t remember if it was Bon Appetit February issue, but it might be.  The usual Thai suspects are always in my fridge/pantry…fish sauce, garlic, cilantro,  and from my last shopping trip, I had bought the Boston lettuce, jalapeno, ground pork, shallots.  Anyway, that’s what we’ve having for dinner – and a few Thai style dumplings with a shrimp filling – frozen – from Trader Joe’s.  The dumplings make an excellent hors d’oeuvre with drinks before a meal also.

I just thought of one reason  – and one reason only – in the plus column for living in the northeast in winter.  We have a lanai/balcony off our living room and in the winter it has become my chill box for cooling down soup and today, the minced pork filling, before refrigerating.  In 30 degree temperatures, the food cools down very quickly!