It’s been three days since my last blog posting….and I’ve spent on $100 more on food.  I suppose that’s not too bad for a compulsive food buyer.  But I still have no room in my freezer/refrigerator/pantry.  To make matters even more crowded, on my last shopping trip to a major supermarket, I just could not pass up the deal of $.99/lb. for a whole pork shoulder, with the skin on, mentioned in a previous post.  This hunk of meat has been taking up nearly an entire shelf in my refrigerator since February 28.  I look at it every day, and wonder, what am I going to do with this bargain I bought?  It weighs nearly 10 pounds…a little too much pork for two.  I need to invite people for dinner to help devour it, but it’s already Thursday and it’s not polite to invite people just a couple of days before Saturday….and if I invite them for the following weekend, I’ll have to find room in the freezer for this huge chunk of meat.  Then the problem is defrosting time, marinating time.


My name is Ann, and I am a food-a-holic-compulsive food buyer.

Allow me to back-track to Tuesday, March 2….that feeling of having to go food shopping grabbed me, so I grabbed my “little old lady shopping cart” and trekked my way to the one and only fairly upscale food store in Forest Hills to fulfill my cravings.  Did I need any particular food?  No.  But I did manage to buy $100 worth of edibles.   This store has excellent produce – some organic, some conventional, but the produce they sell always looks fresh and desirable.   It’s not a very large store, so I know the aisles very well, what is on which shelf – as long as they don’t change the store layout, I could almost shop there with my eyes closed.   The only problem with this store and its owners, is that they have no idea what “customer service” is, nor how to engage their customers.   There is a language problem – I don’t speak their language.   Apparently, they do well enough, that they don’t need to speak to their customers.  Being grumpy New Yorkers, the customers, for the most part, don’t want to speak to the “help”.  But I’m not the average grumpy New Yorker.  I want to talk to the workers, the owners, about their store and products.  But I am not able to.  And yet, that didn’t stop me from spending $100 on this visit.

After several days of eating meats, today I am craving fish….so after my appointment in the city, I will make my way to one of my favorite fish stores – red snapper, scrod, or some other wild caught fish.   I have enough food as side dishes already in the refrigerator/pantry…but I can almost guarantee that I’ll come home with more than just fish.