I know I’ve been neglecting my “blog postings”…. I am either running out of things I find interesting to write about, or just being lazy.


So I will fast-forward 5 days since my last posting and begin with my observations at the Greenmarket in NYC – Union Square location – the farmers and others are at this location four days a week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.   It was one of the unusually warm March weather days – sun shining and in the 50sF – of course there are still no ramps or asparagus being sold – those are my two harbingers of Spring – I’m hoping that by next week – one or more of the local farmers will be selling bunches of ramps – and maybe a week or so after that, the first cut asparagus spears will be at the Greenmarket –   I anticipate the asparagus especially – one of our favorite vegetables – and even more delicious tasting when the asparagus were harvested just the day before or in some cases, the day of purchasing.

There are still many more farmers/vendors than you would expect in March – in the northeast U.S.  These are the artisanal cheese makers,  a smoked trout vendor,  bread bakers.   Spring flowers in pots, fresh herbs in pots, and cut branches of pussywillows adorn some of the stands – there is also the mushroom vendor – beautiful looking mushrooms – I assume they grown them in a cave?  I’ll have to ask.

Waiting for my ramps and asparagus impatiently.