Not that anyone knows who I am…or why I am writing this blog for the food-obsessed….but I’ve been AWOL since April 19, 2010….

Time spent doing lots of physical therapy on my shoulder replacement surgery…why can’t modern medicine invent replacement parts that don’t require the muscles to re-learn how to move????  But I digress….

Did a huge shopping spree at my local Trader Joe’s this past Friday morning.  Hubby took a vacation day so I had a chauffeur to get me to my food obsessed shopping spree…I thought the store would be fairly empty on a mid-morning Friday…but alas, we still had to park in the back lot adjacent to the store.  I think I would like to have the money that just one week brings to this Trader Joe’s location in Forest Hills, NY.

I had a list…but as usual I shopped in excess of the listed items.  Pork tenderloin, beef tenderloin, Yukon Gold potatoes and Trader Joe’s Extra Virgin California Estate Olive Oil were all on the list but as the total bill was almost $100 I must have bought more than that!   Haricots Vert – those lovely thin string beans looked perfectly fresh in a cellophane bag…salted cashews….Brooklyn Lager beer….and more equalled the $100 bill.  The check-out person at the register was a handsome young (duh) man who was so totally taken with the empty Trader Joe’s shopping bag I presented him to pack my items in, that I gave in and allowed him to have my old Trader Joe’s shopping bags and pack my items in the newer brown paper shopping bags.  Apparently I had hoarded the Trader Joe’s shopping bags for a long time as the graphics on the bag were no longer being used by Trader Joe’s on their current brown paper shopping bags and this young man just HAD to have them.  I asked him, in return, to do something nice for someone else.

Even with all the food bought at Trader Joe’s and another food store, we decided to go out to dinner.  There is a lovely Irish Pub style restaurant and bar in our neighborhood which serves very good quality food and an excellently poured draft of Guinness.  We don’t eat out very often, so when we do, the food and drink have to be of a high quality for both of us to fully enjoy the experience.  The Irish Cottage does just that.  I don’t know who the Chef is, but after dinner, as the waitstaff was clearing our table, I asked her to pass on my compliments to the Chef for having fried the shrimp and chips (French fries) to perfection.  For those of you who know, frying foods correctly is no easy task….but these shrimp were crispy, not greasy, and delicious.  Ditto for the fries.  Freshly cut potato thick potato strips – and served with a bottle of English malt vinegar.  My husband had a British staple meal of Bangers and Mash with a broiled tomato.  And two pints of perfectly drawn Guinness.

We had so many foods to choose from for our Saturday evening meal it was a difficult decision to make, but we settled on cooking the pork tenderloin.  Garlic mashed Yukon Gold potatoes, grilled asparagus spears with oven roasted tomatoes – favorites of ours all on one plate!  We have an electric Weber Grill (see image) on our lanai (balcony)  so grilling the pork and the asparagus was the choice of cooking method.  Add to that a bottle of our favorite Pinot Noir by Mark West and it was another meal to savor and enjoy with the love of my life.