Just finished my all time favorite Sardinian dish – Clams with Fregola – the original recipe comes from a cook book by Efisio Farris – The Mediterranean Flavors of Sardinia – Sweet Myrtle & Bitter Honey – just Google the name and you’ll get the place on Amazon to buy the book which I highly recommend.

As much as I know about foods of the world, there is always something new that I learn about for which I am always grateful…Fregula is one of the new foods I learned about with this cookbook – I found a package of it at Citerella’s – an upscale food store in NYC…it’s a tiny round ball of pasta… similar looking to Israeli couscous if you know what that looks like, except Fregula is toasted which gives it a lot more flavor.

The dish of clams and fregula is one of the staples of Sardinian cuisine.  It  is comprised of clams, fregula, duh, but the other ingredients such as saffron may surprise you…sliced garlic, pepperoncini, chopped parsley, clam broth, (here I substitute College Inn Wine & Herb Broth) .  The dish is absolutely delish…..my husband has become an expert garlic toast maker… of course the best garlic toast requires the best French bread sliced on the diagonal – toasted – rubbed with raw garlic and brushed with olive oil.

I recommend buying the book as the other recipes of Sardinia are equally intriguing and delicious.