…and it’s only June!   But this is a blog about the food obsessed….not the weather obsessed…so forgive my rambling….but it is hot!

I am happy to report that I am getting my food buying obsessions under control….that is, if you can call it “control” when I go to the store for whole wheat toasting bread, and come back with 3 bags full of other stuff.  No, not potato chips….I’ve forgone my obsession with potato chips.   At least I like to think that I’ve gotten control over my food spending…and so that’s the way it is – today at least!

On a hot day, dinner tonight is grilled chicken – plain grilled chicken (D’Artagnan organic chicken of course) and I thought that the lemony garlickly sauce that Rao’s Restaurant douses their broiled chicken with would be a good choice for a hot summer evening meal.  A cold side dish of cooked and chilled French green beans (haricots vert) and halved hothouse tomatoes as the garden variety are not as yet ready to eat – dressed with Trader Joe’s excellent extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar and sea salt and black pepper.  I also decided to serve a wedge of the center of a huge head of romaine lettuce.  Crisp light green/yellow leaves – dressed simply with my favorite bottled dressing….YIKES….did I say bottled dressing?  Yes, salad dressing snobs, I absolutely love Newman’s Own Ranch Dressing and their original Oil & Vinegar dressing – straight out of the bottle and onto my salad.   Proceeds from Newman’s Own products sold go to various charities as you may already know.  Just a point of interest:  Paul Newman (1925 – 2008) was very hands on with his food company – charities from all over the world would submit their requests for being chosen to receive the proceeds available, and Mr. Newman himself, read all of the entries and decided on which charities would receive a share of the proceeds.  I know that for a fact as I used to volunteer at Newman’s Own offices in Westport, Connecticut when I lived there in the early 90s.  I wonder who reads the entries and makes the decisions these days.

Time for dinner….but first, a cocktail – margarita is the choice of beverage this evening.  Made with Jose Cuervo tequila of course!  Actually, the drink itself is made by Jose Cuervo (Golden Margarita)  Check it out if you haven’t already enjoyed it!