Only June 28 and already in the summer doldrums of the dreaded three-H’s…

On my way home from the city I was trying to figure out what to create for dinner.  I knew what it would not be…and that’s anything that was cooked on the stove top or even on the electric grill because it’s just too HHH.   Main dish salad came immediately to mind as I mentally perused the vegetable bin and upper shelves of my refrigerator.  Mentally checking off the ingredients:   Romaine, frisee, cherry tomatoes, boccancini (baby mozzarella balls) artichoke hearts, yellow peppers, soppresatta (thinly sliced from Citterio’s. ) That may sound like quite the cache of ingredients to have on hand with no real destination, but it’s the usual cache of ingredients I have on hand all the time.  That’s what makes it so easy to create a meal out of my pantry and refrigerator ingredients.

But even though I had all that I needed to put together a nutritious meal for a three H evening meal, I still needed to fulfill that craving for a supermarket visit I was having on the subway to stop off  for “a few things”.   Eggs (I only use Eggland’s Best eggs) whipped organic butter were definite items I truly needed, but somehow, like magic, other items appeared in my shopping basket.   Peppered turkey from Boar’s Head, muenster cheese also from Boar’s Head brand, and a blue cheese dressing for tonight’s main course salad.

My treat for tonight is a favorite summertime fruit  – watermelon.  Finding a naturally sweet, crisp watermelon is not as easy as it may sound.  But I’ve had two good experiences so far this summer season;  any watermelon grown in Texas is almost guaranteed to be sweet, firm and delicious.  And, the mini-round watermelons from Mexico.

What to drink with the main course salad?  My favorite wine for a 3 H evening (or afternoon for that matter) is a French Rose.

So the next time you find yourself in the doldrums of a Hazy, Hot & Humid day and you’re stuck for what to serve for dinner, give the above suggestion a try.