So I won’t be explaining why it’s been almost a year since I wrote anything related to my obsessions with food and cooking…

Here’s an example of what obsesses me – saw an article about bacon and tomatoes in the L.A. Times – posting it to my Facebook page and then I just had to try it.  Bacon AND tomatoes?  No question the best combo.

I used 3 lbs. of Roma Tomatoes – from Campari – a relatively good supplier of tomatoes with the exception of this time of year in the Northeast when farmers’ markets abound in these most delicious fruits.

The method is simple;  olive oil, cut side down halves of tomatoes; sprigs of fresh thyme (from my own balcony herb farm) chopped garlic, s&p and topped with a layer of bacon strips.  I used my All-Clad 12-inch skillet; alternatively, you can use a roasting pan as long as you can put it on the stove top for the last step.

Ready for the oven

Into a 375F oven for one hour; increase the heat to 400F for another 25 minutes.  Remove from oven and let sit until it has cooled a bit. Remove the bacon ( this is the best part) and eat some of it – then reserve for making BLTs at a moment’s notice.

Place the skillet or roasting pan on the stovetop, turn the tomatoes skin side up and over a low-medium heat, let the juices in the pan reduce to a consistency that you like.  Taste the tomato confit with some juices to determine if it needs more salt.  If the bacon you used was very salty, you may not need anymore.  But tasting is the only way to determine that.  People who just indiscriminately salt and pepper their foods without first tasting them are not really into the food for its taste alone.

What to do with these luscious tomatoes?  Use as a topping for crostini or bruschetta; heat up and add to any shape of cooked pasta with additional olive oil and  grated Parmigiano-Reggiano;  add a few pieces of tomato confit to sauteed Swiss Chard with additional garlic and a pinch or two of pepperoncini.